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Strategic Competency Assessments

Strategic Competency Assessments

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Strategic Competency Assessments By River Forest -


Small Business Needs have been met adequately through this book for Assessments. Everything about Assessments. It is a detailed manual. Exercises that can help professional assessors, practicing managers, hiring managers, HR professionals, Recruiters, AC DC administrators conduct many weeks of Non-Stop Assessment/Development Centers - without duplicating exercises, tools, tests, games or learning processes. Customized Activities. Effectively gamified! Activities have been specially built for all levels of executive management / supervisory functions / strategic, operation, transactional roles/geographies/ cultures and for uses such as Resource Planning, Job Role Fitments, Selections, Hiring, Promotions, Development, Potential Succession Programs, and learning orientations. Assessments for Industries, SBU Profit Centers, Corporate Staff, Not for Profit Organizations, Government Institutions, Healthcare Centers. Built with varying degrees of difficulty, complexity, stretch, and variety it is meant to challenge high potential talent to motivate/engage & to participate in these activities. These centers contain exercises such as Group Work, Strategic Playing, Role Episodes, Plays, Dialogue Debates, Social Platforms, Public Speaking, Innovators labs, In Situ Tray, On-Line Maps, Culture Mapping, Group Interventions, Creative Centers, Contingency Challenges, Decision Triangle, Career Boats, Internal Consultants and Managing Contractors. Many clients have used these exercises for learning programs, development centers, training, feedback etc. or for DISCOUNTS. 

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