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PT Canada Personal Style Inventory

PT Canada Personal Style Inventory

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PT Canada Personal Style Inventory

This is a comprehensive test covering 15-personality dimensions based Myers & Briggs work of the last many decades. This is a self-report and also includes learning’s from the 'Big Five' measure, constructed using the latest research on personality measurement. It is relatively 'short' in that it contains only 88 questions.

The test contains a considerable degree of versatility that helps to make responses more positive and to facilitate the outcome of the test with greater degree reliability. To help make this meaningful each item measures only one aspect of personality, so saying 'No', or in fact 'False', does not mean that the score at the opposite end of a dimension - e.g., disagreeing with an 'extrovert-ed' question does not automatically make the respondent 'introverted'.

Dimensions dealt with include, Introversion, Extraversion, Conservatism, Versatility, Adherence, Non Adherence, Perfectionism, Independence, Competitiveness etc.

For all levels of management – A powerful personality analysis tool.

On Line, web enabled and immediate reports. Report provides for averages, deviation, and minimum - maximum scores, demographic data based on age, qualification and sex. Analytics includes, STEN scoring. Lie scale & detector, weighted averages.

88 questions – Cross Validation Applied

Degree of Difficulty
Simple and easy to respond

30 Minutes

Administration & Interpretation
By Standard Users with Training from Psychometric Testing & Recruiting Canada

Sold - One Licence Per Participant for Immediate Use. Downloaded as soon as you pay.

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