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PT Canada Concept Paper Business of Cultures

PT Canada Concept Paper Business of Cultures



180 Minutes

This is a Concept paper.  

Competency Cluster Classification - Technical, Managerial, Human and Conceptual. This is a convenience classification and a given competency may fall into one or more areas and may include more than one form. Competencies may be grouped in to various areas.

The participants are expected to study the concept paper and address the intrinsic set of issues that have been dealt with in the paper in the context of business management literature that you have studied and its relevance and application to the Indian/International Industry. Apply the questions, concepts explored in various organizational settings, relate it to theories that you have studied in the field of Human Resources management and Human Behavior and explore its impact. Refer to specific authors, their comments that you have studied while responding to the issues in this paper. Your answer should be conceptually, provide theoretical constructs, clear, concise and focused on the main questions and dilemmas raised in the paper.


Vision: Can dream beyond the existing scenario.

Long range planning: Thinks of long term impact of actions or strategies of the present.

Versatile: Adjusts behavior, strategies according to change in environment & circumstances.

Creative / Innovative: Goes beyond conventional thinking and produces imaginative or unique response to a problem.

Conceptual Thinking

The ability to find effective solutions by taking a holistic, abstract, or theoretical perspective.

Notices similarities between different and apparently unrelated situations.

Quickly identifies the central or underlying issues in a complex situation.

Creates a graphic diagram showing a systems view of a situation.

Develops analogies or metaphors to explain a situation.

Applies a theoretical framework to understand a specific situation.

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