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PT Canada Case Study - Dell Canada Gas Company

PT Canada Case Study - Dell Canada Gas Company


PT Canada Case Study - Dell Canada Gas Company

Time - 60 Minutes

Task - Case Analysis and Presentation

Degree of Complexity - Medium

CASE STUDY METHOD of Competency Assessment


 A case study is an account of a real situation that has occurred.  The study describes what has happened in a given situation, but leaves it to the members of the training group to decide the nature of problems indicated by the situation, their significance, and their probable solution.


 To present in detail to a group a problem with which the group is concerned.

To present and study the solution of a problem similar to one confronting the group.

To help the learner see various alternative solutions to the problem.

To help people develop analytical and problem – solving behavioral competencies.

Procedure for using case study (either individually or in a group)

 The materials are checked for accuracy by the instructor and distributed to the participants.

The chairperson or moderator introduces the topic, explains what the case study is, and states the responsibilities of each individual.  He/she then guides the discussion and other activity.

Factual material in the form of a record of a real situation is presented to the class for study and discussion.

The class analyzes the case then decides on the nature of the problem.

The class examines all the assumptions and opinions expressed in the case for better understanding.

The class discusses all the data.

The class proposes solutions or possible courses of action.

The instructor recapitulates group thinking by listing items on the board.

The class evaluates possible solutions or courses of action in order to select the best action to be taken.

Note: Five questions that is valuable to keep in mind when discussing a case problem:

What are the facts?

What problem is raised in this case?

What conditions should be met by a good solution?

How should this problem be solved?  How should it have been solved?

How can the problem or situation be avoided in the future?

The method lends itself well to breakout the group activity.

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