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PT Canada Behavioral Event Interview - Limited Time FREE Download

PT Canada Behavioral Event Interview - Limited Time FREE Download


PT Canada Behavioral Event Interview

Behavioral Event Interview: - David McClelland created an interviewing technique to identify the competencies of average and superior performers. The Behavioral Event Interview process asks a subject to describe three peak successes and three major failures in a short-story fashion.

Trained facilitators ask a series of structured questions of job incumbents to determine the similarities of average performers to superior performers. The interviewer acts as an investigative reporter asking several questions. Several sets of interviews are conducted for each position in order to collect the necessary & relevant data.

Behavioral Event Interview, Critical Incident Interview & Expert Panels to Observe Behaviors have emerged as the most popular Methods to Map Competencies & Design a Framework. Some Methods like Diaries to Record Behaviors, Work Inventories / Record Verification, Benchmarking Standards/ Metrics and Repertory Grid have a definite potential for better utilization.

Behavioral interviewing is based on the assumption that ‘past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Before entering into any interview - behavioral or otherwise - an employer must identify what skills and qualities (often referred to as competencies, dimensions or success factors) they seek in an employee - for example, leadership, initiative and problem solving ability.

By asking very detailed questions about thoughts, feelings and actions in past situations, all based on experience, the employer can then look for clear evidence as to whether or not you possess the qualities they are seeking.

Consultants and HR managers believe that the ability to transfer skills learnt in one environment into a different setting will be sought after by employers and as such, one needs to be able to articulate ones own capability when responding to interview questions.

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