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PT Canada Behavioral Competency Dictionary - 4 Competencies

PT Canada Behavioral Competency Dictionary - 4 Competencies


Behavioral Competency Dictionary

What Is A Competency Dictionary?

A Competency is a skill, knowledge, attribute or underlying characteristic of a person that enables a person to deliver superior performance in a given job, role or situation. Thus for every job, there is a set of competencies. Different jobs or positions will require the competencies at different levels of expertise.

A Competency map is a list of all competencies required for superior performance in a particular job or position in an organization. It also indicates the desired level of competence in each required competency.

The competency dictionary is a compilation of the exhaustive list of competencies that an organization may require for all its key positions. It is a document containing the description and examples of all competencies applicable to all positions in the company. It is the basic tool used in the establishment and maintenance of competency maps. A Competency Dictionary contains the definitions of the competencies used in the maps and sets out the different levels of the competencies. Note: The maps and the dictionary are position – specific and organization – specific.

BARS Scale Used for

1. Analytical Ability

2. Business Knowledge

3. Communication

4. Conflict Management


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