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Digital Talent: Competencies and Business Models

Digital Talent: Competencies and Business Models


Digital TALENT! NEW Rules! Intellect, Machines, AI, Automation, Disruptions determine this world of competencies - influenced by high performing behaviors. Talent performs best with world-class Business Models, those that can attract and nurture top talent. Integrating business models with talent management platforms is a strategic step to win a war for talent. The ONLINE Store, “RforC –”, a Canadian E-Commerce Store, specializes in “on line” sales of Psychometric Tools, Tests (Aptitude, Vocational, Careers, Social Inventories, Intelligence, Attitude, Skill Tests, Stretch Tests, Potential Appraisal Techniques, Competencies, Personality, Behavioral Typologies), BARS Tools, Simulations, Assessment – Development Center Materials, Tools such as Case Studies, In Baskets, Role Plays (Dyads, Triads, Groups), Organizational (Intra – Inter) Evaluations, 360 Degree Feedback, Corporate Scan Scoring, Group Discussions, Learning Skills, Leaderless Exercises, Leadership Building Techniques, Problem Solving Methods, Managerial Skill Building Simulations, Supervisory Development Feedback, On Line In Basket, On Line Assessments, On Line Coaching, Policy Templates, Evaluation templates, On Line Competency Mapping, Competency Dictionaries, KPI Dictionaries. Several thousand-industry based – competency based – hierarchy / level based simulations customized to industries are available in this on-line store. Buyers of this book will gain complimentary access and discounted prices to several thousand tools, templates, formats, competency maps, techniques, tests, simulations, group exercises etc. Tools are validated and customized to global regions/culture specific needs. Further customization is also possible with the help of expert panels. Tools and tests are continuously used for attracting, retaining and assessing talent amongst clients of Summary of some of the tools used by KPMG for its clients – Reference - Psychometric Testing Canada Inc.

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